Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When Things Fall Apart - A Way Out of Crisis

Life changes. It's part of the human condition that life changes and flows like a river. We, as humans, must flow with that river on the path Allah has chosen for us for we are part of that river. Challenges help us to continually adapt as that is what life requires of us. Up and down of live. Sometimes it may seem like you "just" got settled and secure. Then something happens. Change is necessary whether we are ready or not. Because change is what awakens our spiritual development as a "test" from Allah.

However, the test is often not the difficult itself, but more often a test of your ability to submit to the will of Allah and "go with the flow" that life brings. On one side you could see that: "Sigh.. Allah is testing me with this difficulty and I must suffer to learn a lesson or prove I am worthy. On the other hand: "Ah! Allah has a wonderful plan for me. A window has closed but a door has opened somewhere else. I trust in Allah's plan and I am going to find that open door."

You could ask yourself so many questions. However, much energy and positive though can come from seeking the best outcome instead of assuming the worst. When we trust that Allah always wants the best for us then we can remain positive and open to the new opportunities that come our way.

Ask Allah for guidance in where the open door is. Ask to be shown what the wisdom of this time in our life is.

Farid Nazmi
Oct 20, 2009


  1. thanx. peringatan utk saya supaya selalu berfikiran positive :)

  2. To Hazimah:

    'Afwan. Insya Allah, semoga kita semua mendapat pimpinan serta rahmatNya.